An institution of higher education in design and arts with the longest history in China and largest scale in Fujian Province.

Our history

Luchao Fine Arts School, the predecessor of the academy was founded in Gulangyu Island in 1952, the name of which was changed into Xiamen Arts and Design School in 1958, Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design in 1960, Fujian Arts and Design School in 1963 and Arts and Crafts Department of Fuzhou University in 1989; Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design, Fuzhou University was established in 1993 which was formally incorporated into Fuzhou University in 2000.


>Painting department

lacquer painting

traditional Chinese painting

oil painting

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>Sculpture department

Traditional arts

public environment sculpture

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>Visual communication department

the innovative design thinking

creative design ability

comprehensive aesthetic judgment

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>Environmental design department

practical assignment implementation

culture creativity

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>Product design department

comprehensive reform pilot of

industrial design specialty

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>Fashion design department

the most popular major

well praised by all sectors of society

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>Arts and crafts department


lacquer art

wood carving

stone carving

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>Digital media art department

digital animation art design

digital game art design

new media art design

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>Art history and theory department

the general history and theory

specialized history

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>Basic courses section

English & Chinese

physical education


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>Industrial design department

science and engineering

higher education institutions

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>Physical education section

physical education

sports science research

after-class training

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Other Institutions


Arts&Crafts Institute

Artistic Intellectual Property Research Institute

Institute of Human Habitation Design and Engineering

Sculpture and public art institute

The regional architectural and Environmental Design

Game Design Institute

Experiment Center

Language teaching laboratory

Computer teaching laboratory

Photograph and image pick-up laboratory

Digital media art laboratory

Visual communication laboratory

Attires and Costumes design laborato

Comprehensive sculpture laboratory

Comprehensive painting laboratory

Interactive design user research laboratory

Multimedia and virtual technology research laboratory

Comprehensive arts &crafts laboratory

Metalworking modeling laboratory

  • 《Artistic Life》
  • · Competent organization: Fuzhou University
  • · Host unit: Xiamen academy of arts and design, Fuzhou University
  • · ISSN:1003-9481
  • · CN:35-1102/J
  • · Publication starting time: 1979
  • · Used name: Fujian arts and crafts
  • · Frequency of publication: bimonthly
  • · Publication place: Fuzhou
  • · Language: Chinese
  • · Influence: included in CNKI (China national knowledge infrastructure, Cqvip, bookan website and superstar dataset
  • · Chief Editor: She Guofu