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Digital media art Department

Xiamen academy of arts and design is one of the first batches of undergraduate colleges that set up the animation major in Fujian Province and the digital media art department is the major started by the academy in 2013 after integrating the undergraduate teachers and resources of the original art and design (animation) major, where students were formally recruited in the first semester (autumn) of 2013 and it is the only digital media art major that has the first level course degree program. The major is constructed based on the four basic elements of the modern college talents which are knowledge, innovation, ability and personality and takes developing new undergraduate teaching system as its guiding thought and gets the personality-based holistic education and professional achievement advocated by the nation integrated into the undergraduate training program and teaching courses to cultivate talents with both healthy personality and professional knowledge. Sustainable development, socialization, digitization and internationalization are the fundamental development strategy of the digital media art department which aims to cultivating application-oriented and inter-disciplinary senior specialized talents who are capable of integrating procedures, fine arts, enterprise planning and culture communication depending on the strong disciplinary advantages of related majors of the university and academy.

With young teachers team (the teachers under 35 years old account for 50%) and strong teaching force, the digital media art department now has 3 master tutors, 7 doctors (all of them are overseas doctors), 6 masters (1 overseas master and 5 masters graduated from 985 and 211universities); thereinto, there are 2 Taiwan design science professors and 4 design and information science doctors as well as 1 Korean game major doctor. The digital media major emphasizes the open type school-running pattern and has prepared a long term teaching and cultivation cooperation plan with South Korea's national public state university, Korean Hannan University, Australian Monash University, Taiwan University of Arts and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology etc.

The digital media art department is composed of three major directions: (1) digital animation art design orientation: animation visual style design, animation performance design, two-dimensional animation creation, three-dimensional animation creation and stop-motion animation etc.; (2) digital game art design orientation: 3D motion capture practice, mobile game design basis, digital game creation and mobile game creation etc.; (3) new media art design orientation: micro film production basis, digital interface art design, advancing web page design and website planning, mobile application design basis, interactive media design , digital film and television creation and digital art marketing etc.; It is a kind of modern major which communicates the creative contents of the industry by the method of digitalization through the information system platform and also a newly-developing major which combines the visual packaging of digital art and the demonstration efficiency of digital science to get the contents of all kinds of knowledge digitalized and provides knowledge service via various digital communication media; it takes “how to makes use of the digital art and information science and technology to learn knowledge, mange knowledge, package knowledge, communicate knowledge and market knowledge and further operate the knowledge” as its target and “coping with the emerging industries of knowledge economy” as it ability aim of talent cultivation to cultivate top professional talents with the digital knowledge system such as creative design, digital art, information technology, digital media and network communication etc. The digital media art major can specifically serve the key national cultural creative industries such as animation, game, film and television, design, fashion, advertisement, sightseeing, catering, ceremony, communication, conference and network etc.